Special anime-themed Arpeggio of Blue Steel – ARS NOVA game mode coming to World of Warships

Futuristic anime ships are coming to World of Warships.
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Things are going to get a little sci-fi for World of Warship players very soon. Wargaming — the company behind several popular free-to-play battle games, including World of Tanks and World of  Warplanes — announced today that an exclusive anime-inspired game mode is coming to the game. Inspired by the sci-fi anime Arpeggio of Blue Steel – ARS NOVA, the new mode will bring with it special missions that reward players with vessel skins modeled after the hi-tech ships in the anime.

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Players will be able to take command of the “Fleet of Fog’s” Kongo-class battleships seen in the series, with new vessels being added at later dates. These ships will also come with their very own humanoid AI avatars from the show, referred to as Mental Models, as their commanders.

Kirishima Kongosister

To make things even more exciting for fans of Arpeggio of Blue Steel – ARS NOVA, Wargaming recruited the voice actress who plays the main heroine (Mental Model Iona) to reprise her role in the game, calling out battle actions.

What is Arpeggio of Blue Steel – ARS NOVA?

For those unfamiliar with the series, Arpeggio of Blue Steel – ARS NOVA takes place in a not-too-distant quasi-post-apocalyptic future. The Earth has been flooded due to global warming and rising sea levels. To make matters worse, fleets of sentient warships, collectively called “The Fleet of Fog” have restricted naval and aerial travel, preventing humanity from being able to travel from one country to another.

Haruna Kongosister

During the blockade, The Fleet of Fog created humanoid avatars capable of critical thinking and creativity called Mental Models as a means of competing with the same traits in humans. Eventually, one of these Mental Models defected to the side of the humans along with a Fog submarine, the I-401. She allied with a group of privateers called the ‘Blue Steel’ who are eventually tapped by the Japanese government to deliver a prototype for a powerful weapon to the US.

The show is filled with cool-looking, high-tech ships that World of Warship players will now be able to have as their very own. They should be a highly coveted possession among players based on their cool-factor alone.


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