The Battle Cats offers in-game rewards to celebrate its 8th anniversary.

Special Platinum Tickets Up For Grabs in The Battle Cats 8th Anniversary Campaign

The Battle Cats offers in-game rewards to celebrate its 8th anniversary.

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The Battle Cats has just reached its 8th anniversary. Players will be able to enjoy a wide assortment of challenges and events to earn rewards. There are sale events, Arena of Honor events, and Special Cat Sales, among other things.

One reward worth focusing on is the opportunity for players to get their paws on up to two much-coveted Platinum Tickets. There are two different ways players might get one of these. Let’s take a look.

Platinum Ticket Events

The first opportunity to get a Platinum Ticket is by completing the final stage of Empire of Cats Chapter 1 before the end of the 8th Anniversary Celebrations. These run between September 12th and October 10th, which gives players almost a full month to complete this level.

Alternatively, players can buy a Platinum Ticket during a limited-time sale while the anniversary celebrations are ongoing. And there are good reasons why players might want to try and get hold of at least one, if not both, Platinum Tickets.

Uber Rare

Platinum Tickets can be traded for a special Capsule draw. These draws guarantee players an Uber Rare grade Cat hero. Uber Rare cats are the rarest cats in the game. They are powerful and rank above Special Cats, Rare Cats, and Super Rare Cats in terms of strength.

Different Cats each offer different abilities, such as area damage, immunity to different attacks, or significant single target damage. These Cats will be significantly helpful in defending your base from attackers.

Opportunities to get a guaranteed Uber Rare Cat don’t come around too often, so this is surely one event fans will not want to miss. Generally, players will get a 5% chance of winning an Uber Rare Cat when they play the Rare Cat Capsule, which gives you an idea of how difficult these are to come by.

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