Speed run marathon SGDQ starts Sunday at 1PM EST

This year's SGDQ is right around the corner and it's so packed with hype I might faint.

This year's SGDQ is right around the corner and it's so packed with hype I might faint.
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Are you ready for some speed runs!? Well, I am. As always, my hype is through the roof for a Games Done Quick marathon, this time around being the very toasty Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ).

The marathon will be starting at 1PM EST on Sunday, July 26th and lasting until August 1st. If you’re not into speed running or just haven’t really seen it before, this SGDQ’s line up is one to tune into as either a first time watcher or an enthusiast.

The number of games I’m excited to see run is too long to list here, but with the first day starting off with Trihex’s Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island run then rolling into some Sonic, Donkey Kong, and PSX-era Crash Bandicoot is enough to really get the platformer fan salivating.

I am personally most hype to see Wings of Vi and Freedom Planet find their way to an GDQ for the first time. I was a little worried Wings of Vi would have to wait for this winter’s AGDQ to get its time in the spotlight, but I was pleasantly surprised by that (and many other goodies) in this year’s SGDQ schedule.

This year’s marathon will be to benefit Doctors Without Borders, which provides emergency aid to people in conflict or disaster-striken areas. Check out their website to learn more about this wonderful charity, and definitely be sure to watch Summer Games Done Quick once it rolls around at the speed of sound this Sunday.

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