Happymagenta's fast wall-bouncer finally makes the jump from iTunes to Google Play today.

Speedy iOS Hit Tomb of the Mask Bounces onto Android Today

Happymagenta's fast wall-bouncer finally makes the jump from iTunes to Google Play today.
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Android users with a need for speed, make note: vertical-wall-bouncer-slash-obstacle dodger Tomb of the Mask is finally finding its way to Android devices today after making waves on iOS last year. If you’re the type who’s gotta go fast, you need to shimmy your way to Google Play today and get a piece of the action.

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Do you like exploring ruins? I have to say, I’m not all that fond. I am certainly not a raider of tombs, a pilferer of ancient goods — but I am fond of video games that are fast, fluid, and (above all) fun. Happymagenta’s Tomb of the Mask pretty much checks off these boxes with a cheery yellow and purple marker with such confidence it’s easy to see how the game got so popular on iOS in the first place.


With simple swipe controls to move your character up, down, left, or right, you must make your way through the perils of the tomb in both stage-based and endless varieties. Run out of energy running stages? That’s fine, go do arcade endless mode instead and hone your skills and farm coins.

Tomb of the Mask is yet another mobile game that shows us the fact that, while actual arcades may be dead and buried, there’s a very real supply of quality arcade-style games on the mobile market and you don’t even have to feed the games endless quarters to have a good time.

Both casual and hardcore gamers alike can sink their teeth into Tomb of the Mask and have a good time, provided they have a taste for repeated deaths and speedy gameplay. Go ahead and grab it up on Google Play or, if you’re late to the game’s iOS party, grab it on iTunes and see why the game garnered over 2 million downloads since its summer 2016 release. 

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