Spiritfarer Gameplay Trailer Gives New Peek at Management Sim

The latest Spiritfarer trailer is all about material gathering and what you can do with the many things Stella finds on her journey.

Thunder Lotus Games has released a brand-new gameplay trailer for its upcoming title, Spiritfarer. It’s just under than a minute long, but it highlights some of the many, many activities Stella and Daffodil use to help the departed souls in their care.

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If you played last year’s demo of this life-meets-death management sim, some of this might look familiar to you. There’s the adventuring and platforming component, complete with Stella’s awesome double jump, plus crop growing, fishing, and generally hanging out with the boat’s passengers.

However, the trailer also gives us a peek at a lot more. Stella will be raising animals on board after apparently bringing them back from some of the distant lands she visits. There’s some kind of forging element making use of the materials you can mine, along with certain parts of the environment you can interact with, like obtaining lumber for building rooms and expanding the ship.

As we see at the end of the trailer, all this is done to help make Stella’s passengers happy and aid them on their journey to the afterlife. It’s also some of the only Spiritfarer footage we can actually watch without tearing up (well, almost).

Spiritfarer still has a vague 2020 release date for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but hopefully, we’ll be hearing more about its progress soon.

If you missed Spiritfarer‘s announcement during Microsoft’s E3 presentation last year, you can catch up on what it’s all about by reading our in-depth interview with the game’s creative director.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Spiritfarer news as it sails out of the mists.

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