Spiritfarer's content roadmap shows new characters, islands, events, and more are on the way.

Spiritfarer Roadmap Promises New Passengers, Islands

Spiritfarer's content roadmap shows new characters, islands, events, and more are on the way.

Thunder Lotus has free, new Spiritfarer content planned for the rest of 2021, including new spirits, story events, islands, and more, the developer outlined in a Spiritfarer content roadmap. 

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The first round of Spiritfarer‘s additional content is planned for spring 2021. New character Lily headlines this update. Lily is Stella’s sister, whose spirit comes aboard as Stella starts uncovering more of her memories. Lily is awake at night and provides enough light for Stella to continue navigating even after dark.

The next update sets sail in summer and centers around Stella’s former neighbor Beverly. The two meet in Oxbury and rekindle their friendship by bonding over the past.

The Beverly update also adds an Archive Room to the ship, where Stella can view new Acetate collectibles. Thunder Lotus promised even more tweaks and enhancements in this update, but is saving details for a later date.

Finally is the fall update, and it’s a big one. Spiritfarer‘s fall update sees Stella travel to a new island with an old hospital, where she meets Jackie, the hospital steward, and Daria, Jackie’s patient. Being the Spiritfarer, Stella decides to help Jackie take care of things.

It’ll add new building materials, resources, and events too, but like the summer update, Thunder Lotus is keeping some information back for now.

We thought Spiritfarer was pretty complete and wonderful when it released in September 2020, but we definitely won’t complain about even more, no matter how much it might (read: will) break our hearts.

[Source: Thunder Lotus]

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