Splatoon 3’s Next Splatfest Asks which Ice Cream Flavor You Prefer

The next Splatfest runs in July, ice cream lovers should cast their vote!

Image via Nintendo

With all of the excitement surrounding today’s Nintendo Direct, you’d be forgiven for thinking Nintendo is focusing solely on its future. Thankfully, Splatoon 3 exists and is still kicking some butt, so Nintendo will be hosting a new Splatfest this weekend. This time, the theme is focused on which flavor of ice cream is the best. I’m not sure why cookie dough isn’t an option, but players will be able to vote for Vanilla, Strawberry, or Mint Chip and then duke it out to prove their flavor’s supremacy.

This ice-creamed-focused Splatfest will take place from July 14 – 16, 2023. As with previous Splatfests, players will select their team ahead of time and then wear a Splatfest-themed shirt while battling online. Nintendo has never quite revealed how it tallies points for Splatfests, but it stands to reason that wins will give your team extra points over the competition. Splatoon 3 introduced three-way battles with a 4v2v2 twist, so teams with larger player bases won’t have an unfair advantage.

Splatoon 3 was released last September to a warm reception and has gone on to sell over 10 million units. Wave one of its season pass DLC has already been released with a second wave including story content planned for later in the year.

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