Splatoon Information Squirts Ink in Your Eye

New details for Splatoon that doesn't stINK!
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Nintendo will soon have more squid on the menu to go with the likes of the different variations of Bloober in the Squidlings of Splatoon. Splatoon was shown off at last year’s E3 and I was able to give it a test run. It is just what Nintendo needs to show they are still about taking risks and bringing fun new properties to the fans. In a recent Famitsu feature, more details pertaining to the game were revealed and it shed a little more light on the game.

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It sounds like the main story mode will be hero mode and play like a 3D platformer. You could probably think Super Mario 3D Land/Mario Galaxy for example. In Nintendo fashion, online matches will be played with people with similar skills. That way you won’t feel overmatched and have fun playing. Speaking of online matches, there won’t be any computer controlled players so it’s all people playing. This feature will add to the fun and challenge because your opponents won’t have an easy attack pattern to learn/observe. Playing against people will also make you a better player because you can see other strategies for winning. 

Since the game has online matches against actual people only, it was a little disappointing that the game, at this time, doesn’t have communication between players during online matches. Now, like I said, that could change closer to the release date, but Nintendo hasn’t been one to have online communication too often.One exception to this is the Wii Speak channel on the Wii that really only had interaction with Animal Crossing, and you had to be friends with people to interact with them. Now, this information could be totally false but it will be interesting to see what’s in the final version of the game but I would like to see some form of blooper in the game to pay homage to the classic Mario enemy.

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