Splatoon’s last weapon update is the Custom Hydra Splating

Splatoon's last weapon update will finally be released.

Splatoon's last weapon update will finally be released.

Splatoon’s free content release has been a steady source of life for the burgeoning Nintendo franchise. However,  that will soon come to an end, as the final weapon will be released later today. 

The “Custom Hydra Splatling” will be the latest (and last) weapon in a long line of content promised by Nintendo. Its long distance attack will allow you to strike from afar and support allies. The sub-weapon for the new gun will be the Sprinkler, and a Bubbler can be used as a special weapon.

This brings Splatoon’s weapon count up to a total of 74 since the game’s original release in May 2015, where the game received good reviews for the most part, but was often criticized for its lack of overall content. 

This factor has been since been remedied due to Nintendo keeping their promise about consistently releasing updates to the game maps and weapons. While the last of those will be coming this month, it has been a constant boon for owners of the game. Nintendo will also continue to host their ever-popular Splatfests, and release more patches to balance gameplay.

The Custom Hydra Splatling will go live around 6 p.m. PST, and 9 p.m. EST.

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