[SPOILERS] Footage from A Link Between Worlds

Some game footage from A Link Between Worlds. [SPOILER ALERT]

Some game footage from A Link Between Worlds. [SPOILER ALERT]

As everyone knows, certain people in the world are getting their hands on A Link Between Worlds before all of us. Although this sucks, it’s also good that we can see some great videos giving us more passion to obtain A Link Between Worlds.

The “Dark Damp Dungeon”

One of the footage samples I’ve found would be from a particular dungeon. This footage is pretty great since you’ll see how Link will act, and how he will manuever using the hand-held device. It’s much different from playing on the GameCube or Wii. You won’t be holding a controller and watching the TV – you’ll be holding the screen and controller in your hand.

 “Meeting Yuga” the villain

Many people have wondered who the villain will be; it’s shown in this footage that Yuga is the main ‘bad guy’. You get to see a bit of the story-line in this video below, and start to understand just what Link is facing in A Link Between Worlds.

I can’t wait to see more of what will come in the upcoming eleven days before A Link Between Worlds releases. Nintendo is doing a great job at keeping these videos at bay, as to not spoil the game for the public. Even if I’m unable to get my hands on a copy, I’ll be watching some let’s plays online out of sheer curiosity.

What do you think of this footage? Does it spoil the game for you? Comment below.

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