Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest 3 HD 2D Remake

One of the most influential RPGs is getting a lovely new upgrade.

One of the most influential RPGs is getting a lovely new upgrade.

During the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary event, Square Enix announced a Dragon Quest 3 remake, but it’s not just any old remake. It’s Dragon Quest 3 HD 2D, building the game in the same art style Square Enix used for Octopath Traveler.

Dragon Quest 3 remake doesn’t have a release date at this point. However, series creator Yuji Horii said it will be a simultaneous worldwide release when it does launch. No platforms were mentioned either.

Horii couldn’t share much more about the game, but he did mention he’s interested in potentially revisiting the first two Dragon Quest games in a similar style. When the event emcee quizzed him further on that, a Square Enix official quickly blew the whistle for silence.

That was likely as much part of the show as it was potentially keeping Horii from saying too much, but either way, we could potentially see a Dragon Quest remake and Dragon Quest 2 remake. For now, we’ll just have to content ourselves with what we called “one of the series’ finest titles” when it was re-released for modern consoles in 2019.

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