Square Enix releases new Final Fantasy XV trailer, Dawn 2.0

Square Enix teases Final Fantasy XV fans with this trailer.

Square Enix teases Final Fantasy XV fans with this trailer.
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As a follow up to last months Final Fantasy XV trailer titled Dawn, Square Enix has seen fit to release a second iteration of the trailer with Dawn 2.0. Very similar to the first in both tone and mood, the images presented offered more insight into the heavily anticipated next chapter in the Final Fantasy saga.

While motivations and intent will be mysterious until the game release, this new trailer offers a new perspective on the somber connection between father (Regisu Rushisu Cheramu) and son (Noctis) as well as more glances of Noctis’ childhood friend and fiance Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. 

 A tragedy is sure to be the catalyst for Noctis’ later hairstyle choice

There is still no word on a specific release date, but the final moments of the trailer give an almost taunting reminder that 2016 could mark a gracious return for the Final Fantasy series. With Xbox One and Playstation 4 marked for distribution, what console will you be playing on? Let us know in the comments below. 

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