Square Enix Reveals More Bravely Default 2 Characters, Jobs

Bravely Default 2's character and job roster keeps expanding ahead of the game's 2021 launch.

Bravely Default 2's character and job roster keeps expanding ahead of the game's 2021 launch.
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A dysfunctional circus group and a magician obsessed with his dead daughter headline the latest batch of new Bravely Default 2 characters unveiled by Square Enix. The studio also teased two new jobs and a few new mechanics.

First up is the land of Savalon, a region familiar to veterans of the Bravely Default 2 demo. It’s an arid desert region now, but it wasn’t always that way. 200 years previous, the ruling dynasty embarked on a campaign of war and deforestation that devastated the land.

The Savalon royal family includes prince Castor, a chivalrous noble excelling in swordplay and intellect who fears the direction Savalon’s leading merchants are taking his kingdom in. Castor’s brother Paul is absent, studying abroad.

Savalon also houses a renowned entertainment district featuring a number of Asterisk holders. Orphe Dragordia holds the Bard Asterisk and enjoys making people look foolish. Shaula Clarence, the Gambler, seduces men with her beauty and tricks them into losing all their money on card games, while Nihal the Beastmaster is a recent recruit who joined after monsters decimated her acrobatics group.

Bernard Alphard, the demo’s boss, leads Savalon’s performers and guards the Thief Asterisk. Despite his rough exterior, he’s responsible for the water system that keeps the city alive.

The next Bravely Default 2 region Square Enix showed off is Wizwald. Wizwald is a land of magic, at least when it’s not overgrown with massive trees. Elvis, one of the four main party members, studied here alongside the Red Mage Rody Grenaden under the expert tutelage of the deceased Emma Odilia.

Rody’s daughter dies before Bravely Default 2 begins, which prompts Rody to pick up a specific line of research. His wife Lily, the Hunter, spends her time in the woods and claims she’s never left her dead daughter’s side.

Finally is the Shieldmaster, Galahad Kelly. Kelly heads up Wizwald’s security, but blames himself for the death of Rody and Lily’s daughter for some reason.

While Square Enix didn’t go into much detail about Bravely Default 2‘s new jobs, the developer did tease two new ones: the Pictomancer, who attacks with color, and the Berserker, who wields a massive axe to crush enemies.

Square Enix outlined the return of a few key features from the original Bravely Default, including passive support abilities, plus some new ones such as Deathblow.

Players can initiate Deathblows during battle by meeting certain conditions. These deal heavy damage and trigger buffs for the party, and they apparently differ depending on the user’s class. The Beastmaster’s Deathblow, for example, damages all foes and raises the party’s attack and magic.

The first Bravely Default offered rewards for time spent walking with the game in sleep mode. Bravely Default 2 grants rewards for every 12 hours the game is in sleep mode, and if the system is connected to the Internet, these can be “enhanced” by players from other worlds.

Bravely Default 2 releases on February 26, 2021, for Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, catch up on the first batch of Bravely Default 2 characters and jobs, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Bravely Default 2 news.

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