Square Enix Speaks About How Massive Final Fantasy XV Is

Even just the Final Fantasy XV demo takes one hour to get across.

Even just the Final Fantasy XV demo takes one hour to get across.

Footage from Square Enix’s upcoming title Final Fantasy XV made it out from Paris Games Week, and the studio has commented on how big the game is by saying, “the map is very wide, so you’d better be ready.”

The demo shown (seen below with footage beginning at 33:24) was a special version with no monsters or quests, giving gamers the chance to see how vast the size of the map is. Even in this version of the Duscae region, which will be available in the demo packed with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, it takes an hour to get from one end to the next. With mountains, roads, towns, cabins, lakes, and pit-stop gas stations, Final Fantasy XV is turning out to have a massive world.

Square Enix mentioned that this is only a tenth of the game. They also mentioned that Final Fantasy XV’s running time is 40 hours. Square Enix noted that this is only the main storyline, and that completing everything else will take much longer.

Final Fantasy XV will release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is no release window at the time. The game will be playable for the first time when a demo for the title releases with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD this March. You can check out the Tokyo Game Show trailer for the game here.

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