Square-Enix’s President to Determine Cause of Financial Loss

Square Enix's new president wants to know why his company is performing so poorly.

Meet the new kid in town: Yosuke Matsuda. Beginning in June, he will take over where Square-Enix’s former president Yoichi Wada’s position. Matsuda claims that the first thing he plans to do once he officially starts is to find out why the company is losing money despite their catalog of (once) celebrated titles.

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Matsuda is a man with a plan: he will take a “zero-based budgeting standpoint” during this review and plans on gutting resources from the titles that do not make money and pumping them into the ones that do.

What many Western fans are not aware of is that Square-Enix performs very well with mobile and web based games. Considering that Square-Enix has stated that they do not plan to make profits off the console market for a couple of years as it is, this might spell doom for some of their well beloved but under performing titles.

With the increased focus on profit making, fans can only hope that Square-Enix’s Matsuda will at least give some of the bigger titles one more go around. In an ideal world, this would encourage the company to create better sequels for their legacy titles that have been receiving lukewarm reviews for the last half decade.

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