New update has been released for Star Citizen

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is available now

New update has been released for Star Citizen

A new update for Star Citizen is now available online. Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is set in a gas giant in the Staton System called Crusader. Three moons can be explored around Crusader, Cellin, and Daymar.

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One of the new features in the update is the addition of first person battles. Players are able to fight against pirates who want to “create communication black zones” on Crusader so they can carry out illegal activity. Combat armor is available to equip to your character as well as hidden weapons that can be discovered on the planet.

New ships have also been added with the update. Two of these new ships, the Constellation and the Retaliator, are multi-man ships that allow players to work on them together. The third ship is the Avenger Warlock, a single man ship armed with EMP weaponry.

Another addition is the new flight modes. These consist of Precision mode, which is used for more complex maneuvers like landing your ship, and Cruise mode, which gives players “maximum speed with little maneuvering”.

Star Citizen’s crowdfunding campaign launched back in 2012. Cloud Imperium Games raised nearly $100 million between Kickstarter and Roberts Space Industry. No release date has been announced for the game. 

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