Star Citizen, What Games Dream of Being

This game is the prime example of why consoles are killing games, don't be mislead, I mean that this game is what console games will never come close to matching.
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I don’t believe I’ve ever seen something so epic.  I love the kickstarter trailer that they released when the project head and game designer legend, Chris Roberts says

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“ever since I saw Star Wars as a wide eyed eight year old I dreamed of being a hot-shot pilot saving the galaxy”

This is an understatement for what you can do in Star Citizen.  It is literally a sandbox universe with endless possibility.  I feel as though it’s that next step from EVE.

Their kickstarter fund goal was $500,000.  They reached nearly $2.2 Million.  Then with their private site they reached another whopping $7 Million totally between both an insane amount, $9.2 Million.  I’m pretty sure that’s the record for a crowd funded project, or at least very close to the top.

I’ve yet to see any release date or even a rough estimate of how much work they have left.  All I know is I’m waiting, not that I can wait.

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