Devs are extending the Star Wars Battlefront beta so they can do some more testing.

Star Wars: Battlefront beta extended as devs conduct final tests

Devs are extending the Star Wars Battlefront beta so they can do some more testing.

Community Manager Sledgehammer70 took to the Star Wars: Battlefront Forums yesterday to update players on the success of the beta and to offer an additional day of game time. 

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As the developers of Battlefront move into later stages of the beta, they are now conducting technical infrastructure tests. These tests will take more time than the original beta dates would allow, forcing the testing period to extend an extra day, to Tuesday, October 13th, 2015.

Gamers who haven’t assaulted the massive AT-ATs in Walker Assault or secured escape pods in the Drop Zone playlist will get a brief chance to do so, although the experience may not be the same as it has been for beta players so far. In Sledgehammer70′s post proclaiming the extended beta, he also warns users of possible issues that may arise.

“[…] some players may experience occasional issues such as being kicked from the game or losing connectivity,” he divulges.

These issues are something to consider when playing the beta this Monday and Tuesday. The technical infrastructure tests being conducted on the last days focus solely on “extreme scenarios,” possibly such as minor bugs that only certain people will experience.

Still, these minor setbacks are no excuse for missing out on a great demo of an upcoming blockbuster. One must remember that, after all, this is just a beta to make sure the real release doesn’t suffer the same problems. That being said, there have been little to no reports of serious bugs in the beta as of today, October 12th, 2015. 

The beta includes two multiplayer game modes where one can take on the role of a Rebel soldier or a stormtrooper in the Imperial army and battle across two beautifully designed planets, Sullust and Hoth. Also included is a survival mode where players become stranded Rebels and must hold out against wave after wave of invading Imperials on the desert planet Tatooine.

There are, as of the release of this article, thirty-six hours remaining of the Star Wars: Battlefront beta. At the end of the day October 13th, fans will sorely miss the many planets of the galaxy. The launch date of Battlefront, November 17th, seems far, far away indeed.

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