A big patch comes to the Bespin DLC after some server downtime.

Star Wars Battlefront server update improves multiple features

A big patch comes to the Bespin DLC after some server downtime.

Star Wars Battlefront received a server update early this morning, and it brought some improvements and fixes to multiple problems that stemmed from the recent release of the Bespin DLC pack to season pass holders.

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Among the fixes were a nerf to Dengar that no longer allows him to one hit kill Luke Skywalker, and a health decrease for the AT-AT on Cloud City in Walker Assault. The rest of the fixes are as follows:

  • No more getting stuck in a lobby due to unbalanced teams
  • For Heroes VS Villains, users will no longer receive an invisible UI when joining a lobby. The game mode will also no longer freeze if a player who was appointed as a hero quits the game
  • Dengar damage reduction against Luke Skywalker
  • Pre-round timer increased from 30 to 60 seconds
  • AT-AT health decreased on Cloud City
  • Frequency of game modes appearing in the Bespin playlist will now include two rounds of sabotage every other round

The Bespin DLC pack was released for season pass holders on June 21, 2016. Just like the Outer Rim expansion, Bespin will be accessible for season pass holders for two weeks before the DLC is available for purchase to non-season pass holders. That means Bespin can be bought on July 5, 2016. Star Wars Battlefront is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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