Looks like you'll be stuck playing with randoms on day one

Star Wars Battlefront will not support private matches at launch

Looks like you'll be stuck playing with randoms on day one

Looking to jump into Star Wars Battlefront with just your friends on Day One? You’re in for a bit of disappointment, as the developer states on Twitter that the game “will not have private matches at launch”.

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This isn’t too bad, provided a patch gets added later on in the future that allows private matches to be set up. EA has done so before in some of their games, most notably with Titanfall. You’ll just have to deal with playing against or with randoms for now, though.

Players can still party up with their friends using the features offered by each of the platforms. Xbox One recently raised the bar on that front as well by increasing the party limit from 8 to 12, so if you’ve got a load of friends who’re buying Battlefront and own an Xbox One, well…go crazy. 

I’ll just stick to charging in by myself. 

Battlefront is set to release on November 17 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.  

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