DICE has accepted that beta had balancing issues which will be fixed in the full game.

Star Wars Battlefront’s team recognize balance issues from beta feedback

DICE has accepted that beta had balancing issues which will be fixed in the full game.

DICE, developer of Star Wars Battlefront, has accepted that the game’s Walker Assault Mode was biased, favoring Imperials over Rebels in the beta version.

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A fan claimed on Twitter that he never won a game playing on the Rebel side and asked “Does this mean I suck?” to which Matthew Everett, Community Manager, replied “Nope! It’s a balancing issue within the beta.”

In reply of a similar tweet, lead multiplayer designer Dennis Brännvall wrote

“Yeah, it’s too tough. We’ll make changes based on the feedback and data. Asymmetric modes are tricky and risky but potentially awesome, that’s why we want beta test help.”

In the Walker Assault Mode objective for Rebels is to destroy two AT-ATs to call in Y-wing bombers. The Imperials on the other hand have to try to keep the Rebels from activating the command posts, which, as it turns out, was easier of the two in beta.

The beta mode ended October 13th with over 9 million players across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, making it biggest beta in history of EA.

The game is set to release on November 17, this year. The game will also get four expansion packs available for $50 DLC Season Pass. Recently, three more multiplayer modes for the game have been revealed: Hero Hunt, Cargo and, Droid Run.

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