Star Wars The Old Republic Reveals Its Next Expansion

The next expansion for Star Wars The Old Republic will be titled Shadow of Revan.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic has announced the next expansion, the Shadow of Revan. The expansion DLC will launch on December 9th for $19.99. Pre-orders are available now with added benefits if you order before November 2nd.

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Players who pre-order by November 2, 2014 will receive:

  • One week Early Access to Shadow of Revan starting December 2
  • Exclusive Grand Statue of Revan to display in Player Strongholds
  • The Digital Expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel (subscribers automatically receive Rise of the Hutt Cartel)

Players who pre-order by December 1, 2014 will receive:

  • Exclusive Grand Statue of Revan to display Player Strongholds
  • The Digital Expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel (subscribers automatically receive Rise of the Hutt Cartel)

Subscribers who pre-order the digital expansion will receive a Class Experience Boost as a bonus with the following details:

  • Players are offered a 12x Experience gain while playing through class story missions up to Level 55
  • The boost is immediate and will expire on December 1, 2014

The expansion raises the level cap to 60 along with adding “five new levels of story-driven missions,” along with new high-level Flashpoints and Operations. The infamous character Revan from the Knights of the Old Republic series returns in a new capacity. Players will get to face Revan on new worlds and in new missions. BioWare’s official announcement explains:

In the Shadow of Revan, a long-hidden sect of extremists has emerged from the ongoing war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. This group is led by Revan, the former hero of the Jedi Civil War. These fanatical “Revanites” are gathering an army with an apocalyptic plan that will leave the Republic and the Empire in ashes. Players will prepare to face Revan and adventure alongside a host of intriguing characters, including Theron Shan, Lana Beniko, and Jakarro the Wookiee.

A new Discipline system will also be introduced on December 2 to coincide with the release of the expansion.

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