Starbound Goes Stable and On Sale Today

Not only does Starbound receive its first Stable today after eight months, but you will be able to pick up a copy for 25% off on Steam.
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Developer Tiyuri from Chucklefish announced earlier this week that there were plans to push the next, ever-anticipated stable update out this week. It has been a long time since the last stable update–since April 26th, 2014 to be exact.

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Early this morning, Tiyuri and the Starbound team announced on Twitter that the stable update is being pushed out today, Janurary 28th, 2015. After 8 months of waiting, the game will finally be pushed out of the early beta stages and into a stage where it actually feels fleshed out.

Accompanying the news, they also tweeted that the game is going on sale on Steam for 25% off to go along with the latest stable update.

Human Ship UpgradesKeep in mind, Starbound is still in Beta, but this marks a huge milestone for Chucklefish. They have been taking their time to make sure they can provide the experience that Starbound was always meant to have. Starbound backers have the chance to jump into the game’s Unstable and Nightly builds of the game, however those that wish to keep their adventure as bug-free as possible have simply stuck to the stable version for the last eight months. So much has changed, you can expect to see some lengthy patch notes released by the team soon.

Be sure to watch out for a Starbound update on Steam coming later today.

Do you already own Starbound, or are you nabbing a copy tonight? What are you most excited to experience in the new update?

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