Starbound Reaches $750,000 in Backer Preorders!

Can't wait to have someone *somewhere* see my NPC.
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Either people really like fossils, or Starbound just looks that good. The game’s preorders have surpassed $750,000 as of a few minutes ago, which will fund the addition of fossils and perhaps dinosaur revival to the in-development sandbox title.

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I am super excited to see what Starbound will become and glad to see the game getting the attention it deserves. Who doesn’t like the concept of a completely randomly generated universe filled with endless sights to see, stuff to build, and monsters to shoot to death? No one. Duh.

Seeing as it’s 2AM EST, Chucklefish have yet to comment on the milestone, but we are sure to see the next goal over the weekend. It will be hard to surpass the addition of the Novakid race from the $500,000 milestone.

Not excited about Starbound yet? Head on over to the official site to play around with the on-site character creator. Some of the music to be featured in the game is up on the site as well, and the forums are packed with info. Get over there, dagnabit.

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