Starbound releases update that brings Colonies

Starbound has got a colony update that is familiar to Terraria, bringing NPCs into giant houses that players construct.

There was a pretty big Starbound update earlier this week, which brought the formation of colonies into the game. This new improvement might seem familiar, because it’s already a feature found in Terraria – which is fairly similar to Starbound

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The colonies are pretty much what they sound like; a giant formation of people (NPCs) that show up over time. To attract the NPCs in Starbound, building a house is key, and eventually people will start showing up. If the house is fancier, it’ll bring in a higher class of people who will interact with each other and objects. 

Like with every update, there are bound to be glitches and errors that occur. With the colony addition in Starbound, it’s been discovered that the NPCs will occasionally get stuck when they’re getting out of bed. It’s a harmless glitch that can’t break the game, so we might as well laugh it off.

How Starbound differs from Terraria

There are some very similar aspects between Starbound and Terraria in both graphics, NPCs, and features, but a key thing to remember is that Starbound is a galaxy version of Terraria. Instead of only exploring one world, Starbound gives you the option to travel through space between planets; discovering new technology and secrets. 

In the beginning of both games, it can be a bit daunting with shelter building and getting basic tools, but the more you progress the more likely you are to find better materials with advanced features. It reminds me a bit of Minecraft, where you have to make it through basic wooden tools to get to diamond. All good things come from hard work, patience, and perseverance.

After reading up on the colony update, I can’t wait to get back into Starbound and probably start over with a new character in a galaxy far far away. I was already very fond of the game, but shiny new updates give it a bit more hype.

For full information regarding all the patch notes and changes in Starbound, refer to their official website that gives a more in-depth overview.

What kinds of updates would you like to see in Starbound? Are you going to start creating colonies? Tell me your thoughts below!

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