Starcraft 2 Kicks Off at the Red Bull Training Ground Today

This weekend 8 top Starcraft 2 pros clash at the Red Bull Training Ground.

This weekend, eight of the top Starcraft 2 pro gamers will meet and clash at the Red Bull Training Ground. The event will be shoutcast by Day9, HuskyStarcraft, and Mr. Bitter. You can watch the event streamed live here when it kicks off today at 2pm PDT (more times below!)

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The line-up: Group A
  • Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen – Independent – Protoss EU
  • Dan “ViBE” Scherlong – ROOTGaming – Zerg NA
  • Samuel “Kane” Michael Morrissette – ROOTGaming – Zerg NA
  • Sanghwan “Sound” Bae – StarTale – Terran KR
The line-up: Group B
  • Benjamin “DeMusliM” Baker – Evil Geniuses – Terran NA
  • Brandon “PuCK” Arlie Qual – ROOTGaming – Protoss NA
  • Kyeonghyun “SeleCT” Ryoo – Independent – Terran NA
  • Myeonghwan “Golden” Jo – StarTale – Zerg KR
Event times (all times PDT)


2:00pm Stream starts
2:15pm Sound vs. Grubby
3:15pm DeMusliM vs. Golden
4:15pm Kane vs. ViBE
5:15pm PuCK vs. SeleCT
6:15pm Sound vs. ViBE
7:15pm PuCK vs. Golden


2:00pm Stream starts
2:15pm Grubby vs. ViBE
3:15pm DeMusliM vs. SeleCT
4:15pm Sound vs. Kane
5:15pm DeMusliM vs. PuCK
6:15pm Kane vs. Grubby
7:15pm Golden vs. SeleCT


2pm-7pm Playoffs & Finals

In addition to the stream, you can check out the Red Bull eSports Twitter for updates about events and general Starcraft 2 Training Ground happenings. 

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