StarCraft 2 Spawning – Why Pay When You Have Friends

Get Spawned In Starcraft 2

Get Spawned In Starcraft 2

On June 4th StarCraft 2 implemented a new feature called “spawning,” which will allow users with the Starter Edition access to its full content.

If you are an old fossil like me, then you probably remember spawning a friend into the game, who didn’t have StarCraft, using your disc. Now they have implemented a similar feature; spawning will allow a user who has the Starter Edition to access any content by joining with a player who has that content. Once the player with the content leaves you are back to your Starter Edition. So as long as you have friends you will have access to all their features and content as long as they are in the party with you.

To me this sounds like a great idea to get more players into this awesome game. Two all new achievements await you for spawning and being spawned by someone. It is not yet implemented everywhere but by the end of today it will be live worldwide. So if you haven’t already played this great RTS go pick up the free edition today and make some new friends.


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