Stardew Valley's finally making its way to Android after releasing on iOS last year.

Stardew Valley Going Live on Android March 14

Stardew Valley's finally making its way to Android after releasing on iOS last year.
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If you thought Stardew Valley was out for all platforms, think again. It’s got one more notable platform to tackle, and that is Android mobile devices.

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Indie darling and famous farming RPG Stardew Valley will be entering the final frontier of its ports come March 14 as the game makes its way onto Android devices, just a few months after it released on iTunes in October 2018.

You can pre-register for it on Google Play right now.

Like the iOS version, the Android release of the game will be up to date with the PC version’s 1.3 patch content-wise, so mobile players won’t be missing much. What is missing from both mobile releases is multiplayer gameplay, which could still be on the horizon considering the Nintendo Switch release finally got its multiplayer patch back in December.

Stardew Valley quickly became the new face of the farming RPG genre when it was originally released in 2016 and has continued to grow through multiple content updates and community mods through the past three years. Today it continues to be one of the most played games on Steam and most prominent indie games on home consoles.

If you want the game on the go and don’t have a Nintendo Switch, you may be relieved to hear that both mobile versions of Stardew Valley have multiple control options including external controller support no need to worry about pesky on-screen joysticks and buttons, provided you’ve got the hardware.

Although fans may be disappointed that SDV is currently lacking multiplayer on both mobile platforms, no one could have guessed Stardew Valley would get as big as it has over these past few years, and no one can guess where it’s going to go next. Here’s to even more Stardew in our lives, and to multiplayer on mobile!

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