StarTropics: Now Out For Wii U

Nintendo just released StarTropics for Wii U Virtual Console in North America

Nintendo just released StarTropics for the Wii U Virtual Console. This information first came out on Nintendo’s website, posted yesterday, along with screenshots and game details.

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This one -player, action/roleplaying game, comes at the standard price of $4.99.

Nintendo’s description of the game reads: “Step into the shoes of Mike Jones, a teenage star pitcher from Seattle, who has come to the tropics to visit his famous archeologist uncle, Dr. Jones. After being told that his uncle has been abducted, Mike begins a perilous quest in order to rescue him and figure out the mysterious plot behind his disappearance. Luckily for Mike, he meets helpful villagers and finds more powerful weapons as he explores numerous locations and island hops using his uncle’s submarine.”

StarTopics, was originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1990. StarTropics sequel, Zoda’s Revenge: StarTropics II, was released in 1994 and both games on the Wii Virtual Console in North America and the PAL regions in 2008 and for the Wii U Virtual Console in Europe and Australia in 2015.


The retro nature of this game is what makes it fun. Embrace that the game is in 2D, that a yo-yo is the main weapon and that it is Zelda-like in nature. Enjoy a more simple time of creative gameplay and think about how far gaming has come (or perhaps not).

For all of us who are eager to play on our Wii U’s, this news is not a surprise, but it is welcomed.

There is currently no news about Zoda’s Revenge coming to the Wii U Virtual Console in North America.  


(Images courtesy of Nintendo) 

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