STASIS: One Year Since Kickstarter Campaign Launch

Stasis has been fully in development for a year now, since it's Kickstarter campaign launched a lot has changed. Due out in Q1 2015.
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STASIS is a 2D isometric, sci-fi horror adventure game. It follows the story of John Maracheck waking up on a, what’s thought be, derelict spacecraft called the Groomlake.

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I would say this is an old school game.

The game has been fully in developement for a year now, ever since it’s Kickstarter launched.

Christopher Bischoff, designer on STASIS says:

“The last year has been an amazing experience making STASIS a definitive adventure game, STASIS is now looking and feeling like the game I dreamed of all those years ago.”

I asked Christopher Bischoff if he could describe STASIS in 4 words:

Emotional. Thought provoking. Scary!

The trailer at the top of the page (or found here) shows off the new lighting system STASIS uses. The changes are to make the game more immersive and enhance the atmosphere. So now it will be even more scary… great.

Atmospheric sounds like a good description.

The game’s soundtrack is being composed by Wasteland 2, and Fallout composer Mark Morgan. Check out some of his work here. He has also worked on the TV shows, Blue Bloods and Lie To Me. The soundtrack has been completed and thus work is being started on an extended musical score.

STASIS is being developed by THE BROTHERHOOD, and is set to be released in Q1 2015 for both Windows and Mac.

If you wish to help fund the game, you can still do so by going here. Or before spending your cash, play the Alpha Demo here.

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