State of Decay’s Title Update 3 and PC Release News

Title Update 3 (TU3) and PC news for State of Decay, yes it's coming to PC with Steam Early Access and NPCs on missions in TU3.

Title Update 3 (TU3) and PC news for State of Decay, yes it's coming to PC with Steam Early Access and NPCs on missions in TU3.

Recently State of Decay developers, Undead Labs, had a livesteam. All of the notes were typed up in their forum for those, like me, who missed the live stream.

Here is a run down of the main points of the post.

First of all I am going to speak about Title Update 3 (TU3).

During the live stream, by means of the chat, a player asked “could we bring along an NPC on missions?” Jeff Strain, the founder of Undead Labs, says “that’s the second most requested feature… and so we’re putting it in TU3. And that’s a promise.”

So for those who wanted this, it now has to happen, good news then!

One of the other most popular requests is the ability to toss a rucksack into vehicles, unfortunately this will not be happening in TU3, but, Jeff Strain says

“we’re still seeing if it’s possible to add sometime in the future. That’s a want “.

So the news is bitter-sweet, but they are looking into this, so it is a possibility for the future.

Brant Fitzgerald, the lead artist, continues with the bad news,

“short version, zoomable sniper scopes aren’t possible because of the way the game loads. The whole map doesn’t load at once, just the bit you’re actually in. Stuff that is far away loads in at a very low resolution if it loads at all. In other words, what you saw through a scope would be ugly as sin, and if you shot the blocky low res thing, the game might not be able to register it as a kill.”

In a nut shell, there will not be a sniper scope zoom ability in State of Decay.

On the light side, the PC version of the game, will have enhanced graphics, higher resolutions, and improved frame rate. As “a high end PC can do all those things, so we’re modifying the game to support those things. The PC version will not have different content or features, however.”

What the PC version won’t have are modding tools, they say this is “for time/testing reasons”, but “we have no objection to mods or modders, and we look forward to seeing what our PC players come up with.”

Jeff Strain confirmed that the game will be part of Steam’s Early Access Program.

“We will be doing a controller-only PC version in advance of the final release for the purposes of feedback. The final version of the PC version will of course have keyboard/mouse support.”

Jeff Strain then confirmed that it would be out in 2013, and will be more specific as soon as they can.

Finally, “we teased a little sandbox stuff during the chat,” Jeff Strain said, “the goal of sandbox is to provide an unbounded experience, one with no victory condition that ends the game. The way we do that is to continue to have a world with finite resources, but find out how long can I stay alive.'”

The details are minimal, more coming within a week, but you will be starting in the world, and will have to build your community up, you can clean the valley out (the map). When it’s empty, what happens next? You can leave with some portion of your community and go to “the next valley.” Which is the same map, repopulated with resources…but will be harder. This means more zombies, and generally more difficulty. In a nut shell “just…more”.

So is this all? Pretty much but I will end with this, Jeff Strain promised that a first round of TU3 patch notes will be released this week. So keep your eyes peeled!

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