Half-Life 3 shows up on Steam database page.

Steam Database lists Half-Life 3 under Packages

Half-Life 3 shows up on Steam database page.

The website Comicbook.com reported that it saw Half-Life 3 added to the Steam database, along with other games like Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered editions. Now, don’t start jumping for joy yet, because I don’t want to break your heart. (But that may not be avoidable.)

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Steam was quick to make a response about the recent sighting saying that:

“Many things could also be old entries and as such no longer be in development/coming to Steam.”

After that quote they have also posted that “Half-Life 3 still not confirmed.” If you do a search for the name under the Packages tab it will bring you to this video:

Nice little troll there Steam. We don’t think it’s funny. You did just crushed the dreams of every Half-Life fan out there — am I being over dramatic?

While Half-Life 3 isn’t confirmed even after this little update on the Steam database page, we can still look forward to many other games coming to Steam next year — like Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and Street Fighter V.

Remember don’t lose heart. Half-Life 3 is out there waiting, watching, wanting to be created and released.

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