Steam Game Banning Players, Gets Petition

A petition has been created to get Steam game removed.
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The Steam Summer Sale is usually a time when gamers can break their banks and spam “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY” memes everywhere on the internet, and then go play some awesome games for cheap. In fact, some of us wait all year just for the event and gleefully purchase games we may never play till months or years later. However, this year’s Steam Summer Sale isn’t all daisies and roses. It seems that more than a few people are unhappy with Steam right now because of one of the games being sold.  That game is Infestation: Survivor Stories by Hammerpoint Interactive.

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A petition has been created to remove Infestation: Survivor Stories from Steam, listing several reasons including scams, negative reviews, and false advertisement. The petition reads:

“It keeps stealing thousands of player’s hard earned money without any refunds, it makes me angry to see so many people asking for their money back in the Steam forums, and Hammerpoint is not being punished by anyone either, I think it’s time to stop this.”

Some users have even claimed that they were banned from the game because they were being falsely accused of hacking.

However, it is no surprise that a petition was bound to happen. Before the game was called by its current name, it used to be called The War Z.  If you remember, it was hugely controversial then with calls for it to be removed back in December of last year.  It seems that a name change has not helped its reputation as one of the worst games to release in recent memory.  Hopefully, Steam will listen to its customers like they usually do and remove the game. If not, we may need to re-evaluate our relationship with Steam and the products we are so eager to purchase.

To view the full petition, click here.

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