Stellaris: Nemesis Expansion Lights Up the Sky on April 15

The upcoming Nemesis expansion for Stellaris is scheduled to release April 15, and console fans are getting some love, too.

It can take hundreds of hours to get tired of Stellaris even in its base form, but Paradox Interactive have kept the game interesting over all these years with regular expansions and DLC releases. Over the weekend, the publisher announced the fifth expansion coming to the critically acclaimed grand strategy, titled Stellaris: Nemesis.

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Adding a whole new tactical level to the game, Stellaris: Nemesis will bring with it the ability to foster and become a new galaxy-threatening menace or to lead the charge in defending against it.

Nemesis will allow players to campaign for the role of Galactic Custodian, which has the power to give orders and directly combat the crisis at late-game, traditionally an AI empire hellbent on dominating all in its path and eradicating the galaxy as it’s known.

Players won’t have to necessarily take this path of righteousness, however. Instead, they can take on objectives to hurry along the crisis and eventually become the head of the menace themselves.

Along with both these new over-arching features comes a new espionage system, not unlike that seen in other grand strategy and even 4X titles. There’s even a brand new set of ships to feel like an absolute destroyer of worlds when taken into battle.

Nemesis is scheduled for release on April 15, and fans can be sure it will add a whole new depth to the endgame tribulations generally struggled with in Stellaris.

This wasn’t the only announcement for fans Stellaris over the weekend, either.

Console players will be receiving the Lithoid Species Pack DLC on April 25, alongside the free 2.6 update to the game that rewords its economic systems.

Additionally, the board game based on the video game, Stellaris Infinite Legacy, reached its funding goal in an astounding 15 minutes! It’s a long ways off, but you can pre-order by pledging toward its Kickstarter.

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