Stellaris: Receives Story Pack “First Contact” Releasing March 14

Stellaris is getting a new story pack March 14.

Stellaris is getting a new story pack March 14.

Stellaris is getting yet another piece of DLC content. The First Contact story pack was announced during the Paradox Announcement show, and is set to release March 14 for PC via the Microsoft Store, Steam, and

The Stellaris First Contact trailer showcases the beginnings of a civilization’s interactions with the visitors from the stars. The story was not a happy one, but ended with the visitors from the stars being driven away from the planet. 

First Contact brings to Stellaris new origins and mechanics revolving around civilizations and their varied encounters with the visitors from the stars, whether peaceful or not. 

The three new origins included in the pack are: 

  • Fear of the Dark
  • Broken Shackles
  • Payback

Each origin sets a different difficulty for your playthrough. Those looking for a challenge should consider starting the Payback Origin. Send out scouting parties to watch for alien vessels, be prepared to encounter new, or possibly already known, alien lifeforms and learn what they may hold in store for your civilization. 

Stellaris First Contact is only releasing on PC, with no mention of a previous generation console version release. With new content coming 7 years after the release of the base game, it could mean that current generation versions of Stellaris are in the works.

With First Contact’s release a week away, there is little time to pre-order the story pack. Check back for more Stellaris news and First Contact updates to come. 

Featured Image via Paradox Interactive 

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