A new Spiritfarer trailer shows off more of Stella's world and more friends we'll have to say goodbye to.

Stella’s Horizons Widen Ever Further in New Spiritfarer Trailer

A new Spiritfarer trailer shows off more of Stella's world and more friends we'll have to say goodbye to.

Spiritfarer, Thunder Lotus’ game where coziness and death hold hands, is still slated for a 2020 launch date. While we still don’t have a solid Spiritfarer release date, we do have another trailer showing how far along the game has progressed, which also introduces some new passengers too.

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After Alice the hedgehog requests help from Stella, we see the scene shift to Stella charting a new course for Mount Toroyama. There, she learns the secrets of meditation from Summer the snake — the same Summer we first met last year in the game’s initial demo.

The trailer shows us a number of glimpses into Stella’s expanded world, from sun-kissed villas to sumptuous townhouses, plus a new weather condition on the boat.

Stella herself shows off a couple of new abilities as well, like riding updrafts with her hat and using her belt as both electrical conduit and handy zipline.

And there are two new passengers making their debut: Giovanni the lion and Stan the mushroom.

Thanks to the Spiritfarer demos, we knew Stella completing quests for her passengers features prominently. But the new Spiritfarer trailer shows there’s even more: mini-games with each passenger. We see Summer teaching Stella how to help speed up crop growth time by playing music, but Thunder Lotus’ Rodrigue Duperron confirmed each animal has a mini-game unique to them.

So there’s even more reason to get attached to Stella’s passengers, making that final farewell all the more difficult.

In a different bit of news, Thunder Lotus also announced Spiritfarer will release on the Epic Games Store and Google Stadia when it does launch. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Spiritfarer news as it develops.

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