Stolen Razer Project Valerie Laptop Retailing In China For $22,000

We now know what happened to this stolen computer.

We now know what happened to this stolen computer.
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Earlier in the year, Razer’s Project Valerie — a triple monitor gaming laptop setup — was shown off at CES 2017. Following this, the product prototype was stolen, along with Project Ariana.

Well, it now seems we have an answer as to where the laptops ended up: China. The prototype of Project Valerie is now on sale for $21,733 on a Chinese site.

When the product was first stolen, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan made a point of saying how hard and passionately he and his team had been working on this project — and as such, did not take the theft lightly. Razer went so far as to put out a reward for anyone who could provide information regarding the theft.

While it is possible that this is purely a scam for money, it’s equally plausible that this is indeed the stolen prototype — on sale for what is frankly a ludicrous price.

Even if the price tag wasn’t so high, there are other reasons why people wouldn’t want to buy this. (For example, the automatic screen deployment wasn’t even finished.)

So long as the prototype is supposedly on sale, Razer has a better chance of tracking down those responsible for the theft. But only time will tell whether or not this is the real thing, or just a dead end for the gaming tech company. 

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