The Trollslayer update will bring a host of major additions, tweaks, and changes at the end of March.

Stoneshard Dev Blog Reveals New Skill Trees, Creature Types, and Dungeon

The Trollslayer update will bring a host of major additions, tweaks, and changes at the end of March.

Thanks to Early Access feedback, the turn-based action RPG Stoneshard is about to see the addition of several major new features.

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An Ink Stain Games dev blog released this morning offers new details on the Trollslayer update, which slated to land at the end of March. 

Among other things, Trollslayer’s main attraction is the inclusion of two new skill trees. While dozens of trees can be seen at this stage of development, most of them are currently locked.

When Trollslayer officially arrives, the Athletics and Combat Mastery skill trees will unlock. Both will add tactical combat abilities that further utilize the turn-based, grid combat system. Even magic-focused characters may want to take these skills to utilize backup melee skills in combat.

For those who found the outdoor environments a bit sparse, In kStain Games is also hiding a furry treat in Trollslayer: the steppes and fields maps will now include saiga antelope and bison to hunt.

New food and ingredient items will appear in the ramp-up to crafting, as penny buns have been added to the forests, while fleawort and henbane will be found growing wild in the fields and by village roadsides.

Although the hunting, crafting, and cooking system updates are still months off, hunting will get a minor tweak with meat divided into four types:

  • Fatty
  • Sinewy
  • Tender
  • Tough

The Catacombs dungeon type will also arrive with this update, which is a special underground area crafted for the proselyte enemies. The algorithm for each dungeon’s procedural generation is due for a major change adding additional complexity and level layouts. 

Have you jumped into Stoneshard at this stage of Early Access, and are you looking forward to the new update? Sound off in the comments below, then check out our Stoneshard hints and tricks here if you want to get started!

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