While we wait on a new dungeon type and skill trees in Trollslayer, today's Stoneshard update brings some much needed economic changes.

Stoneshard Economy Tweaks Arrive Prepping For Trollslayer Update

While we wait on a new dungeon type and skill trees in Trollslayer, today's Stoneshard update brings some much needed economic changes.

Two weeks after first hitting Early Access, the rogue-like RPG smash hit Stoneshard has already seen a number of balance tweaks and class changes. As those smaller fixes keep landing, a major update titled Trollslayer is also in the works and slated to launch in March.

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While waiting on that first big content expansion, today the patch has arrived, bringing another round of bug fixes and balance tweaks. Those changes will be welcome if you’ve had a hard time working around the Stoneshard economy.

Here’s everything that will have changed when you next load up Stoneshard on Steam: 

  • Weapons now properly lose durability 
  • Fixed Parry gaining negative stacks
  • Fixed Parry not granting counterattacks on block
  • Fixed “Dance of Death” passive skill not working while “Painful Hits” stance is active
  • Fixed cursed items dropping after receiving severe hand injury
  • Fixed Inferno not applying its effect during the casting turn
  • Fixed bug causing all Crowbars in inventory lose durability after lock-picking or disarming
  • Weapon stances now lose 2 tiers instead of 3 on corresponding stats procs
  • Added War Scythe to Osbrook’s weapon stands
  • Added 10% Fumble Chance to “Confusion” modifier
  • Reduced negative Crushing Damage Resistance of “Frozen” modifier to 20%
  • Reduced Proselytes’ jewelry drop rate
  • Range of “Heroic Charge” was reduced to 3 
  • “Heroic Charge” stat bonuses per tile traveled increased to 10%
  • “Advance” range was increased to 4.
  • Reduced base Daze duration from Daze Chance to 3
  • Reduced NPCs buying prices, but increased its dependency from reputation level.
  • Food & wine traders now buy tableware
  • Priest and healer pay more for medicine

Several more balance passes are expected before the next big content addition in March, which will bring major additions to dialog and unlock two of the currently inaccessible skill trees.

A sneak peak at the full roadmap is available to the right, and here’s what to come with the Trollslayer update next month:

  • Catacombs dungeon type
  • Troll boss
  • Mini-quests added to towns
  • Athletics skill tree added
  • Combat Mastery skill tree added
  • Expanded dialogue trees

Those extras are just the start though, as a reputation system, caravan system, crafting, and a new settlement are expected to arrive over the next year and a half of Early Access development.

Need help figuring out where to sell items or how to survive the early quests? Check out our Stoneshard walkthrough here.

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