Two weeks after its Early Access launch, Stoneshard has already seen a large number of balance tweaks, enemy buffs, and class changes.

Stoneshard Hot Fix Conjures Balance Changes, Geomancer Nerfs

Two weeks after its Early Access launch, Stoneshard has already seen a large number of balance tweaks, enemy buffs, and class changes.

The 2D rogue-like Stoneshard classic RPG fans just can’t stop talking about has gotten another major update today. After hitting Steam earlier this month, a slew of regular patches and hot fixes have arrived in light of fan feedback during Early Access.

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Today’s hot fix sees a weapon re-balance, with weapons now broken down into tiers of similar damage and new bonuses to secondary stats. Those troublesome hanging modifier icons are also now gone, along with several other visual bugs.

Here’s the big list of major balance tweaks to Stoneshard‘s gameplay, including some potentially bad news if you’ve been playing a geomancer:

  • Fixed death-related crash
  • Fixed potion-related crash
  • Fixed backpack trade exploit
  • Fixed possibility to take two actions per turn with fast enough clicking
  • Fixed bug preventing anyone from spawning in the field
  • Rains are less frequent now
  • Proselyte Dungeon and corresponding contract danger level was increased when shown on the map or in the journal
  • (Geomancy) Runic Boulder sustaining energy cost now scales for Spells Energy Cost stat, your actual sustaining energy cost is now dynamically displayed on the modifier and skill hovers
  • (Geomancy) Destroying Boulder via context menu now takes one turn
  • (Geomancy) Runic Empowerment: [-15% > -10%] Abilities Energy Cost
  • (Pyromancy) Energy cost of Pyromantic spells was increased
  • (Pyromancy) Fire Barrage: base damage [8 > 6]. Bonus damage to Burning targets: [+30% > +50%]
  • (Pyromancy) Incineration: base damage [13 > 10]
  • (Pyromancy) Ring of Fire: base damage [10 > 15]
  • (Pyromancy) Ring of Fire: Fire Res. debuff [-15% > -20%]
  • (Pyromancy) Excess Heat: replenishes [4% > 5%] Max Energy for each Burning enemy
  • (Swords) Fencer’s Stance: [+15% > +7.5%] Counter Chance per tier, added +3.5% Dodge Chance per tier
  • (Maces) Hammer & Anvil: [+15% > +12.5%] Daze Chance per tier. [+40% > +50%] Armor Damage per tier. Added -4% Fumble Chance per tier
  • (Axes) Massacre: [+25% > +30%] Bodypart Damage per tier. Added +3% Crit Chance per tier.
  • (Daggers) Painful Stabs: [+5% > +3.5%] Crit Chance per tier
  • (Ranged Combat) Suppression: Added +3.5% Hit Chance per tier
  • (Staves) Unwavering Stance: [+15% > +12.5%] Block Chance per tier [+20% > +15%] Block Power per tier
  • (Greatswords) Parry: [+15% > +12.5%] Block Chance per tier. [+15% > +10%] Block Power per tier Base duration: [4 > 8] turns
  • (Greatswords) Recklessness: [+3% > +5%] Crit Chance & Counter, Chance per each enemy on a neighboring tile.
  • (Greatswords) Feast of Steel: Crit Chance is now applied directly to physical skills and attacks, instead of being given as a buff to a character
  • (Ranged Combat) Precision and Anticipation have switched their order in the branch, since Precision was a way too powerful ability for its position.
  • (Shields) Surprise Onrush: [25% > 20%] base chance
  • Mages Mantles now give less %Magic School% Spell Power than before

Want to jump in and see what all the fuss is about? Be sure to check out our Stoneshard guides for beating the first boss, staying alive in the wilderness, and finding the best price for selling items to merchants.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on Stoneshard as it moves through Early Access on Steam. 

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