Streaming Tech Company Lightstream Acquires Analytics Platform

Live streaming technology company Lightstream announces the acquisition of to give streamers and brands better analytics insight.

Live streaming technology company Lightstream announces the acquisition of to give streamers and brands better analytics insight.
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Today, live streaming tech company Lightstream announced the acquisition of streaming analytics tool The acquisition allows Lightstream to expand its library of services for video game streamers, publishers, and development studios.

Arsenal is known for providing streamers with easily understandable data that allows them to interpret how their content performs and offers information on how to grow their audience. These same analytics tools are also used by game developers and studios to aid in developing marketing strategies.

Among those currently using Arsenal’s tools are PUBG Corp, 505 Games, and Discord.

The partnership combines those tools with Lightstream’s streaming platforms to create an all-in one suite designed to help make reaching audiences easier for streamers and companies alike.

Of course, different types of users will use this information in different ways. Companies like those mentioned above use Arsenal to obtain information about streamers and the games they are broadcasting. They can search nearly 8 million brodcasters by the games they are playing, their language, their affiliation, or their popularity.

This search isn’t restricted to one particular platform either. Companies have access to information on Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Mobcrush, and Smashcast.

Streamers, on the other hand, utilize Arsenal to  keep track of data on their personal brodcasts, tracking information on the popularity of a game, how their casts are doing at specific times, what growth and viewership looks like, their active streaming days and time, and how much time viewers are spending watching their streams.

As Lightstream CEO Stu Grubbs points out, the industry has been using spreadsheets and “self-reported data” to keep track of most of this information for a while now.

As companies and streamers grow, this becomes a daunting task and can lead to inaccurate reporting.

“Arsenal gives brands the accurate data they need to keep investing more of their budget in broadcasters and the livestreaming market. We’re proud to add this fantastic product and bright team to our Lightstream crew.”

Anyone who follows gaming knows that streaming is wildly popular. Even as far back as 2014, streaming was rivaling large sporting events such as the Super Bowl. In the five years since, streaming has only become more ubiquitous with gaming. 

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