Here's when you can start downloading them, and when August's free games will disappear.

Street Fighter 5, PUBG Are Free on PlayStation Plus in September

Here's when you can start downloading them, and when August's free games will disappear.

August is almost over, and that means Sony has revealed September’s free PlayStation Plus games. One’s is part of a venerated fighting game franchise with decades of legacy behind its name, and one’s a watershed shooter that catapulted the battle royale genre to the highest heights of popularity. 

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We’re talking about Street Fighter 5 and PUBG

Subscribers can start adding the games to their digital libraries on September 1, and they have until October 5 to nab them before they disappear. As always, the games were revealed via a post on the PlayStation Blog. 

Street Fighter 5 may not be the most beloved game to carry its famous name, but the fighter has come a long way since its maligned 2016 release. Capcom made steady improvements to the experience in the game’s subsequent editions, including 2018’s Arcade Edition and this year’s Champion Edition. The roster now stands at 40 fighters, though it began with only 11. 

Unfortunately, though, the version of SF5 that will be available for free on PS Plus in September is the original version of the game. Upgrading to the Champion Edition, the best edition of the game, is a separate charge, and will set fans back $24.99. 

Street Fighter 5 isn’t the only game that’s improved since it first released, but with PUBG, you’ll get access to the most recent updates and enhancements straight out of the gate. That includes the latest addition: the MG3 seen above. 

Currently in Season 8, PUBG is now a household name. It’s not the only battle royale available, but it’s one of the most consistent and widely played. There are plenty of ways to kill enemies, with dozens of rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and more at your disposal. 

Maps have changed considerably since the game first launched, and even for legacy players, there’s a lot to experience. 

August’s free games, Fall Guys and Modern Warfare 2: Campaign Remastered, are currently available until August 31.

Fall Guys is a wonderfully different take on the battle royale genre. Where PUBG is all about guns and mayhem, Fall Guys is all about mini-games and … mayhem. It’s the American Gladiators of battle royale. Of course, Modern Warfare 2 needs no introduction. 

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