Street Fighter V Debuts Cinematic Story Mode This Month

SFV's June update: Details on the "A Shadow Falls" cinematic story mode, the new in-game currency system, and upcoming single-player game modes.

SFV's June update: Details on the "A Shadow Falls" cinematic story mode, the new in-game currency system, and upcoming single-player game modes.

Capcom announced new details for Street Fighter V‘s much-anticipated cinematic story mode, along with in-game currency changes and upcoming single-player content arriving in the June update.

The cinematic story mode titled “A Shadow Falls” will be released as free DLC by the end of this month, and contains around three to four hours of content. The story will be split into five chapters and depicts the events that occurred between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV.

According to Capcom Unity’s blog post, the story revolves around the “ultimate battle between the evil Shadaloo organization and the heroic World Warriors who rise up against them.”

Capcom also has great news for players who are excited to get their hands on the upcoming characters yet to hit the SFV roster: all six DLC characters will be playable in the new story mode. This means that players will be able to try Urien, Balrog, and Juri ahead of their official releases. Think of it as a sneak preview of the unreleased brawlers. These characters will not be seeing an official release until later this year, so they “shouldn’t be considered final or tournament ready.”

There will be plenty of Fight Money (in-game currency) up for grabs through the story mode. Completing the story mode for the first time will net players 30,000 FM. Completing the Normal Mode unlocks a harder Extra Mode. Finishing Extra Mode will allow players to get an additional 50,000 FM.

Zenny, SFV‘s in-game currency system, is being scrapped. Instead, all DLC purchases utilizing real money transactions will be carried out through the PlayStation Store or Steam. The in-game store will feature PlayStation Store and Steam DLC purchase options upon the June update’s release. Unfortunately, this means the free trial period for DLC characters like Alex and Guile will end as well. Players will need to utilize Fight Money, real money, or the game’s season pass to obtain current and future DLC content.

Below is a chart detailing the DLC prices:


Fight Money

Real Currency

New Characters



New Stages



Alternate Stages



Story Costumes



Premium Costumes


Additionally, all premium Battle Costumes for each character will release this month. Yes, that means you can finally be resident SFV playboy: bearded Ryu.

Story Mode costumes will also be available for purchase, meaning players no longer have to complete a character’s story mode to unlock their alternate costume.

The post ended with a few words about the upcoming Daily Challenges, now called “Targets”, as well as future game modes like Extra Battle and Versus CPU. Targets will still act as daily goals for players to complete and generate Fight Money. Extra Battle and Versus CPU are upcoming game modes to bolster the lacklustre amount of single-player content. Details about Targets and the future single-player game modes will come at a later date.

In other Street Fighter V news, kunai-flinging machine Ibuki recently received a reveal trailer featuring deadly juggle combos and command grabs.

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