Street Fighter V Is A PS4/PC Exclusive

Microsoft's newest console will be missing out on the next Street Fighter game according to a leaked video from Capcom.
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It seems that Capcom has accidentally made one of their PlayStation Experience announcements a little early. The publisher uploaded a video to YouTube which unveiled Street Fighter V. The next installment in the incredibly successful fighting series is coming to PS4 and PC only. It won’t released for Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

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Capcom has since realized their mistake and set the video to private, but not before NeoGAF user Lilalaunebear grabbed a copy, which you can watch here. The video shows people playing various Street Fighter games while a voiceover speaks about practice, dedication and success. There’s even some brief footage from the new game included in the video.

The most surprising part of this announcement is the platform choice.  This generation, almost every major third party title has come to both PS4 and Xbox One. For Sony to grab Street Fighter V as a console exclusive is a major coup for them.  Having said that, this move is not entirely unprecedented, as Microsoft has secured Rise of the Tomb Raider as a console exclusive for itself. 

However, it is likely that Rise of the Tomb Raider is only a timed exclusive and will come to PS4 in 2016. Street Fighter V could be a timed exclusive too, we just don’t know yet. My guess would be that Super Street Fighter V will be released in a few years’ time for both consoles.

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