Street Fighter V: New Battle System

Street Fighter V gets a brand new battle system in the latest installment of the franchise.

Today, PlayStation has released a gameplay trailer for the newest installment of the franchise, Street Fighter V. In this trailer, not only are the new and updated graphics/character designs shown, but a brand new battle system.

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Critical Arts and Counters

With the new battle system, we are introduced to a new way to unleash your ultimate move, Critical Arts (CA). With CA, a player is able to unleash their ultimate move to end the match or if they are in a jam, turn the tides and make a come back. V-Reversals have also been added, which is a unique move for each character to counter the opponents attacks. V-Skills, unique moves and abilities or each character such as Ryu’s Hadoken and etc. Also added was V-Trigger. This unique skill uses the entire V-Gauge and the player does a brand new attack/ability.

This gameplay trailer revealed the gameplay of a new character named Nash. With new characters, move sets, battle system and graphics, Street Fighter V is shaping up to be one of the best in the entire franchise. 

Street Fighter V is a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive. Pre-orders are available now and will grant you access to the beta. No release date for the Beta has been announced. Stay tuned for more information at E3 for possible updates.

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