Street Fighter V’s beta not living up to expectations

The launch of the Street Fighter V beta two days ago still has multiple issues and is not making a good first impression.

The launch of the Street Fighter V beta two days ago still has multiple issues and is not making a good first impression.

Street Fighter V’s highly anticipated beta for the PS4 was supposed to launch on Thursday, around 6 PST/9 EST. However, its debut was not all that it was hoped to be. About an hour after launch, the game’s servers were deactivated. This seems to be a result of multiple players reporting connectivity issues – most claimed that there was an error that wouldn’t let them log in.

Capcom initially stated that they would resolve the issues “very soon”, about half a hour after the launch. But an hour later they decided to take down the servers.

Then after several hours of work on the beta, Capcom was able to fix the training mode section of the beta, but matchmaking was still at a standstill. This is rather troubling, as this first beta, one of three planned, is only supposed to last until July 28th. After attempting, once again, to re-launch the online section of the Street Fighter Beta, Capcom decided to close the entire beta. This time they issued multiple apologies to those who had access to the Beta, stating that the servers would be turned off for an “extended period of time”, clearly implying that these reoccurring Beta issues are not going to be solved in a couple of hours.

Although this is the first beta test of Street Fighter 5, it is not the way a quality game makes a decent impression on its fans. Hopefully Capcom can solve these issues either in time for the beta testers to have some access to online play before the 28th (although Capcom has announced they will be extending the beta) or by the time of the next beta session. It is very sad to see such a beloved franchise start off on the wrong foot like this.

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Do you think that these issues with the beta are dark foreshadowing for the final product or a problem that Capcom can fix easily and learn from? Leave a comment, let your opinion be heard and remember: for all your gaming articles and news, stay tuned to GameSkinny.

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