Street Fighter V’s Urien Rips Off Suit in Critical Arts

The Classic Nearly-Naked Urien is in Street Fighter V!

Dataminers milling through Street Fighter V have been digging into Urien’s model and animations. It turns out that there’s a naked Urien model hidden underneath his ‘suit’ model, similar to how Necali’s V-Trigger model is hidden under his normal one.

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When you activate your Critical Art, the explosive energies seem to destroy his suit, leaving him nearly naked. Looks like you’re going to have to work for your fanservice.

Urien is a member of the Illuminati, often competing with his older brother Gill who he can’t seem to surpass. In Street Fighter V‘s story mode, he is a competitor against Shadaloo, working to undermine Operation Chains for his own selfish purposes.

Hopefully he’s a sign of other Street Fighter III characters showing up. Alex has already been discovered in the game’s files, abbreviated to ‘ALX’. I’m personally hoping for Q.

Any returning characters you’re hoping for? Let me know in the comments below.

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