Streets of Rage 4 Release Date and Battle Mode Announced

Streets of Rage 4 is out very soon and brings back the fan-favorite Streets of Rage Battle Mode.

Following last week’s character trailer, Streets of Rage 4‘s release date was just announced, alongside the return of Battle Mode from Streets of Rage 2 and 3Streets of Rage 4 will launch on April 30 for PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $24.99, and it’ll be available on Game Pass the same day.

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The new trailer shows Streets of Rage 4 Battle Mode in full swing. You and up to three friends will face off against each other, testing each other’s skills and deciding once and for all who walks away crowned with glory. It’s also a good chance to just test out each fighter and learn how their skills work.

And you’ll have plenty to test out. As we announced last week, Streets of Rage 4 includes its own full roster plus 12 retro classics from previous Streets of Rage games. It’s almost every classic fighter, and the dev team didn’t have an easy time of making it work.

Dotemu’s Cyrille Imbert said in a post on the PlayStation blog:

We didn’t have any Streets of Rage 4 characters ready then, so in order to start testing things and working on the gameplay, Jordi Asensio, our game designer, ripped some sprites from previous Streets of Rage games and integrated them into the Guard Crush engine.

As the development went along, we realized that these sprites actually looked really good visually… and that having them playable was something we knew fans would love.

The same process was true for the music. Classic Streets of Rage soundtracks were used as placeholders, then merged with the new sound system to create a brand-new feature.

We really enjoyed the chaos and satisfaction Streets of Rage 4 at PAX West last year, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the final product. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Streets of Rage 4 news as it breaks.

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