Stronghold: Warlords Musters Three New Unit Types

Firefly Studios gives us a rundown of three new Stronghold: Warriors classes.

Firefly Studios gives us a rundown of three new Stronghold: Warriors classes.

We still have to wait for Firefly Studios’ excellent-looking Stronghold: Warriors to launch sometime this year. But the devs made the wait a bit easier with some new unit reveals for the latest in the storied Stronghold franchise: the Samurai, Imperial Guardsman, and Imperial Warrior.

There’s a trailer giving a deep dive into the unit information as well, showing them in action and exploring the inspirations behind each class ability.

First up is the Samurai. Firefly said you can think of these as a successor to the classic Stronghold Knight unit, and they’re perfect for taking on enemy Generals. Samurai are powerhouse units, meant to tackle difficult foes, strongarm their way through opponents, and shut them down with special abilities. One of those is Precision Strike which, along with being a strong move in itself, has a knockback effect that puts an enemy unit off balance.

Then there’s the Imperial Guardsman, an expensive and super-strong unit designed to wreak widespread havoc. The Imperial Guardsman wields a mace in battle and can charge up a Heavy Attack that deals significant damage in a wide arc. They’re ideal for attacking walls and siege engines, along with easily dispatching unarmored opponents.

Finally is the Imperial Warrior. This general-purpose soldier unit doesn’t come equipped with a special ability, but that doesn’t make them any less vital for your army. They have high armor ratings and resist archer fire, fire lancers, and most siege machines as well.

We recently went hands-on with Stronghold: Warlords and came away pretty impressed, if a bit confused with how certain parts play out. Still, we’re looking forward to learning more, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Stronghold: Warlords news as it marches our way.

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