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Summer Game Fest: Hi-Fi RUSH Arcade Challenge! Update! Announced

One of the year's best game is getting some new content! With lots of exclamation points!

Summer Games Fest continues to provide. This time, we got a new trailer for the upcoming Arcade Challenge! Update! coming to Hi-Fi RUSH. Hi-Fi RUSH is one of this year’s best games, so it’s great to see it getting new content so soon after release. The Arcade Challenge! Update is bringing quite a bit of new stuff to the game, so let’s get right to it.

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The most major additions are two new game modes: BPM RUSH! and Power Up! Tower Up! In BPM RUSH, defeating enemies cranks the beat higher and higher. Fights can get crazy fast, pretty quickly. If you ever wanted a Turbo Mode in Hi-Fi RUSH, this is the mode for you.

Tower Up! Power Up! is a unique twist on the Rhythm Tower. See, Chai’s been downgraded, which means he’s lost most of his abilities. Defeating enemies and keeping the beat alive will let you restore Chai’s abilities. It seems like a fun challenge, and I can’t wait to hop into it. The mode also promises “mega-tough” new enemies to fight against, so it should be a good time. Both modes will be accessible through the arcade cabinet that shows up in Chai’s hideout.

In addition, beating challenges will unlock new rewards, like the ability to call CNMN or Smidge into battle. But wait! There’s more! We’re also getting new 808 looks, accessories, filters and poses for photo mode, Chai t-shirts, and Korsica costumes. There’s quite a bit to look forward to.

Hi-Fi RUSH‘s Arcade Challenge! Update releases on July 5. Nice of Tango to give us some advance notice this time around, huh?

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